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  • All of your data is important, whether it's contact information, business documents, financial contracts,  databases, or archival photographs and videos, corporations and individuals demand quality assurance from their disaster recovery programs in case of negative externalities, litigations, accidents, and other such unfortunate events.

    Backup is a must, obviously. The question is: what are the advantages? As part of the growing computer industry sector, data stores are critical parts of the Information Economy, and as such companies are coming to rely more on applications to help drive their business. Our software supports every platform in the market to help supply this demand, from live incremental compatibility with SQL, to Enterprise Linux Boxes and Windows Servers, our Java-powered solution will scale in all business environments.

    Backup Features

    • WIndows Files
    • Network Files
    • MacOS Files
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Exchange Mailboxes
    • Microsoft SQL 
    • MySQL 
    • Linux & BSD 
    • VMware VMs 
    • Microsoft Hyper-V VMs 
    • Lotus Domino 
    • Oracle 

  • What is Cryptolocker?

    Cryptolocker is a computer virus that encrypts your files, stopping you from viewing or editing them. The virus is thought to have first appeared late 2013 and targeted Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 machines. Users with Apple Mac computers, smart phones or non-Windows based tablets are not targeted by the virus.

    Some of the computers which have been infected by Cryptolocker display a countdown time that offers the user the ability to decrypt their files for a fee, however there is no guarantee that your files will actually be decrypted after you pay.

    ‘GameOver Zeus’ is another virus which appears to be created by the same team. This gives criminals a backdoor into your computer and is one of the ways that a computer can be infected with Cryptolocker.

    At the moment there is no other way to decrypt the files. This means that you will lose your precious photos, important documents and any music and video once they have been infected if you don’t have a backup copy.

    How can I protect myself against Cryptolocker?

    We would suggest that you do the following things to make sure you do not lose your files:

    1)      Don’t open emails or download attachments which are from unknown sources. We would also suggest being extra vigilant with suspicious emails which appear to come from friends, colleagues or businesses you are usually in contact with.

    2)      Backing up your files will give you a chance to save files which have been infected by the virus. It is vital that your backup product is automatic and keeps multiple iterations of your files. Byte IT Solutions's cloud backup software offers both of these features. Get a free 30 day trial of today.

    3)      Update Windows with the latest version of the operating system when Microsoft releases an updates.

    4)      Make sure you have antivirus software installed on your computer that is up to date, with the latest virus information.

    How can Byte IT Solutions Cloud Backup system stop you from losing your files through Cryptolocker?

    The Cloud Backup Software backs up your files regularly, making sure the latest copy is always stored on your online account. If Cryptolocker infects your computer, you will need to first remove the virus to stop it from encrypting more of your files. Several site cover ways to remove the virus.  An example can be found here:

    Once your system is clean, the next step is to restore your files.  If only a few of your files were infected simply log into your Cloud Backup Account, find the file in the ‘Backup’ section, open the file, and download a previous version of the file.

    If lots of your files have been infected and you have removed Cryptolocker please contact our support department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will can look into restoring all your files to the version before Cryptolocker infected them.

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