Voice Over IP Trial Account - $5 credit for 14 days

*Subject to correct and accurate information; you are over 18 years of age; and a resident of Australia.

Trial our Voice Over IP services - Simply Fill in the form. We will process your application as a full service (except with limited 20 minutes per day of International calls).

You can simply arrange to have the account reactivated as a standard account if you with to continue by initiating a support Ticket or emailing accounts@byteitsolutions.com.au

We do not auto rebill you each month in this Trial offer. Just apply for the account, give it a go and if you like it, contact us to continue or let it lapse and close.

You get $5 worth of calls to try for 14 days. Unused Credit will forfeit at the end of the 14 days.

Local Calls $0.10 flat rate
National Fixed Line Calls $0.10 flat rate
Calls to Mobiles $0.29 first minutes, 15c per 30 seconds thereafter
Calls to 13 and 1300 numbers $0.30 flat rate
Calls to 1800 numbers FREE

The Trial period gives you the equivalent of;

  • Up to 50 Fixed line Phone calls
  • 12 minutes to a mobile (or 11 short mobile calls)
  • 16 Calls to 13 or 1300 numbers

Conditions of application. Only valid to 1 person and per household.
This offer is valid for a limited time and may be withdrawn at anytime

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